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Stiuated in Nalgonda district, munugode is the nearest to Hyderabad acessable from Vijayawada highway (NH-9) or Nagarjunasagar highway. After its delimitation in 2008 Choutuppal mandal has been newly added detaching Chintapally mandal from it. Its vinsity starts from Bhoodan Pochampally after crossing Mount Opera resorts and ends at Panthangi village on the National Highway NH-9. It extends all the way upto 3 kms before male and at Chandur about 22 kms to Nalgonda town.


Now at present Munugode Constituency consists of Nampally, Marriguda, Choutuppal, Chandur. Munugode and Narayanpur Mandals.


Prior to delimitation the population of Munugode constituency population was It consisted of Nampally, arriguda, Chintapally, Chandur. Munugode and Narayanpur Mandals. The population in each mandal is as follows

Nampally, Marriguda, Choutuppal, Chandur, Munugode, Narayanpur

The voters in our constituency is 2,14,613 as on 01-01-2009
Out of them women are 1,05,777 and men are 1,08,836

Elected So Far
S.No Name Year Party
1 Palla Venkat Reddy 2004 CPI
2 Govardhan Reddy Palvai 1999 INC
3 Vujjini Narayan Rao 1994 CPI
4 Vujjini Narayan Rao 1989 CPI
5 Ujjini Narayana Rao 1985 CPI
6 Govardhan Reddy Palvai 1983 INC(I)
7 Govardhan Reddy Palvai 1978 INC
8 Govardhan Reddy Palvai 1972 INC
9 Govardhan Reddy Palvai 1967 INC
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