Achievements (1967 - 1983)
First Constituency in AP to have 100% Electrification

Munugode Constituency during my regime was the first Constituency in AP to have achieved 100% rural electrification. Only three villages were electrified prior to my term. All the villages and thandas in all my Mandals were supplied electricity by laying connectivity poles and setting up substations and transformers there by Improvement in Quality of Power. One of the major achievements is Construction of 132/33 Substation in Marriguda and number of 33/11 substations.

From Single Road in 1967 to Connectivity to Remote Hamlets.

When I took over as the MLA of Munugode in 1967 no pucca road existed. It had only one single road that too Nagarjunsagar major district road which is now converted into highway. With in few more terms as MLA almost all of the villages were having connectivity /link roads. Even the remote of all areas or hamlets, hilly areas and thandas were connected. 90% Roads laid were BT Roads providing access to areas most required for farmers to transport their produce to the nearest market yards.

Drinking Water to Villages.

Munugode constituency is one of the most fluorine contaminated water in the whole of Andhra Pradesh. Drinking water has become a major problem and people had to travel long distances to get good drinking water during summer. In some areas villages were vacated as PPM was much higher. During my regime as Minister for rural water supply, deflourination plants in all major villages were setup in collaboration with Holland. Though technology was a bit expensive congress government took a brave decision and installed them for the benefit of the rural population. But after Sri NT Rama Rao came to power, these plants were discontinued by TDP Government causing loss not only to the exchequer but also to the people seeking drinking water.

Scientist & Farmer Interaction

I am a farmer more than a politician and am also known as Experimental Farmer in that area. That shows from the change in agriculture pattern in my constituency having encouraged cash crops. Prior to my regime as MLA, our fathers and the farmers' main produce was Tobacco. During my tenure as MLA, My contributing towards agriculture is the change in Crop Patterns. I have been instrumental in bringing scientists from ICAR, ICRISAT and other scientists and was the first to experiment and promote crops such as Sun Flower, Cotton, Orchids, Maize, etc. I have successfully eradicated the Tobacco Crops from the constituency popularly called as Tobacco Belt. In my recent experiments I have sown Maize in a 4 acre land and have successfully made a good reap twice which is not well grown here.

Market yards

One more of my achievements of Munugode Constituency during my tenure is setting up of Market yards. I had taken keen interest for establishments of two market yards of Chandur and Venkateshwara nagar (Male) for Nampally taluk. The third market yard at Choutuppal came up later which was separated in Ramannapet. I took the initiative for Farmers' produce to be purchased through FCI and civil supplies Corporation on a remunerative price as declared by state government and paying instant cash.

Improvisation of Tele Communication Network.

Nalgonda district had no telephone network in rural areas prior to 1967 except District & taluqa head quarters. After taking over reigns I take pride in getting sanctioned first telephone exchange in rural head quarters in Chandur. Later, even the interior areas including the Tandas & Hamlets were connected by the Telecommunication Network by 1985. New lines were laid and telephone exchanges were setup in other mandals making Munugode Constituency as one of the earliest in our district.

Public Transport

Public transport in our constituency was mainly private sector. I am proud to take one more star into my bag with Munugode being the First Constituency in the district to have Public Transport Leverage. APSRTC has been advised to introduce as many buses to almost all interior villages and are now well connected with my initiative.

Irrigation Development

Irrigation in this area was improved by introducing Bore well Schemes in coordination with Irrigation Development Corporation. All required areas were surveyed and most of the farmers got benefited with bore wells drilled to ensure irrigation. Due to this initiative of mine, Marriguda and Narayanpur Mandal tribal Villages and Thandas have become like a project area. Prior to my tenure many tanks were breached since the Nizam rule. I got all these tank restored and feeder channels provided to all the tanks to ensure water supply. I got many new tanks and check dams and feeder channels formed in my constituency including Gandhi Sagar project at Solipur In Munugode Mandal.

Agricultural Loans to farmers

Getting a loan was a difficult task at that period. From the time I got elected as Legislative member from Munugode, I was instrumental in getting agricultural loans to farmers from cooperative societies and commercial banks. By 1982 commercial banks established branches in Mandal head quarters and in many other villages. I have played a vital role in pursuing banks in opening branches with the help of Sri N D Tiwari, the then Finance Minister of Union Government and to provide loans to farmers.


During our regime fertilizers were supplied at a subsidised price. As a part of my initiative in my constituency I have ensured that all farmers have received sufficient quantity of fertilizers.

Skill Development

Handloom Weavers community in my constituency represents some of the popular styles of weaving. Most of the the famous Pochampally sarees and bed sheets and linen material are woven here. As a Minister for Handlooms, I was instrumental in sanctioning training centers to improve their knowledge. Tie & Die training centers were established which were lacking in my constituency. Pending payments for all purchases made by APCO were cleared during my ministry and also yarn was supplied to the weavers through cooperative weavers’ societies at susidised price. I also ensured that these societies market their products for the lucrative price.

Similarly Brass making is one of the largest communities in this area. I was behind in promoting brass and for marketing again through cooperative society. I got training centers sanctioned to improve their skills. Loans and encouragement was made available to them because of which Chandur is the second largest brass making place in Telangana.

These are just of the few I would like to mention of my achievements.

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